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All food businesses are required by European law to have a food safety management system in place based on the principles of HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point). HACCP is a system that allows you to identify and control any hazards that could pose a danger to the preparation of safe food.
Saves your business money in the long run
Avoids you poisoning your customers
Food safety standards increase
Ensures you are compliant with the law
Food quality standards increase
Organizes your process to produce safe food
Organizes your staff promoting teamwork and efficiency
Due diligence Defence in court

It involves identifying what can go wrong, planning to prevent it and making sure you are doing it. HACCP is a legal requirement but will also benefit your business.

HACCP provides businesses with a cost effective system for control of food safety, from ingredients right through to production, storage and distribution to sale and service of the final consumer.

The preventive approach of HACCP not only improves food safety management but also complements other quality management systems.

Benefits of HACCP Certification