Quality management systems -- Guidelines for process improvements in health service in Organizations

IWA 1:2005 provides additional guidance for any health service organization involved in the management, delivery, or administration of health service products or services, including training and/or research, in the life continuum process for human beings, regardless of type, size and the product or service provided.

Certification Benefits

Improve delivered health service quality through complementing exiting accreditation and process improvement methodologies to increase the value added to the organization and customer
Improve organization image, increase customer confidence, and have a tool available to reward quality
Maintain consistency in the global approach with other ISO-9000 sector-specific documents
Develop / incorporate a process  that is actionable
Minimize burden on health service organizations
Increased organizational effectiveness & efficiency
Provides framework for managing the organization
Improved medical outcomes by consistent application of best practice
Incorporates learning from other businesses using mature Quality Management Systems
Improved customer satisfaction
Standardized work and documentation for acute and chronic illnesses
Promotes common quality language / terminology
Addresses gape in accreditation criteria
Assists with regulatory compliance
Incorporates metrics
Reduces risk, e.g. liability

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