ISO 10668:2010  

Brand valuation -- Requirements for monetary brand valuation

methods of measuring the value of a brand. This standard was developed by ISO technical committee ISO/TC 289. ISO 10668 was published for the first time in September 2010.
In 2007 ISO set up a task force to draft an International Standard on monetary brand valuation. After 3 years the ISO 10668[1] – Monetary Brand Valuation – was released in Autumn 2010. This sets out the principles which should be adopted when valuing any brand.

The ISO 10668 adopts the structure in the following breakdown:

  • 1. Scope
  • 2. Terms and definitions
  • 3. General requirements
  • 4. Specific requirements
  • 5. Valuation approaches and methods
  • 6. Necessary valuation inputs
  • 7. Reporting
  • 8. Independence

ISO 10668 is a 'meta standard' which succinctly specifies the principles to be followed and the types of work to be conducted in any brand valuation. It is a summary of existing best practice and intentionally avoids detailed methodological work steps and requirements. As such ISO 10668 applies to all proprietary and non-proprietary brand valuation approaches and methodologies that have been developed over the years, so long as they follow the fundamental principles specified in the meta standard. ISO 10668 specifies that when conducting a brand valuation the brand valuer must conduct 3 types of analysis before passing an opinion on the brand’s value.

These are Legal, Behavioural and Financial analysis. All 3 types of analysis are required to arrive at a thorough brand valuation opinion. This requirement applies to valuations of existing brands, new brands and brand extensions.

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