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Quallity Assessment Lia (QAL) is a provider of ISO certification. Dealing with different types of certification for quality management system, medical devices, ship recycling management system,. With the services of QAL, you can get certified in the easiest and the best way ever possible. Every certification is made as smooth as possible and customized according to the requirements of your business. With a pool of auditors to assist you reflect the prescribed international quality standards in all your internal processes, QAL will help you in gaining a rapport with international standards which will ultimately be echoed in all processes throughout your organization.

QAL Auditors, prior to assessment, will check inside out of every process in your business and give you suggestions regarding the changes and new policies to be followed. This will help you to present yourselves better in the eyes of your worldwide customers. QAL believes that a partnership approach can help businesses find solutions smoothly and achieve their goals! Hence QAL provides complete support from the very beginning of the process and continues it throughout the certification. QAL takes pride in assisting businesses from various industries to improve the quality of their services thus propagating quality standards in the best possible way.

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